Web Designer,UX/UI Designer,Product Photographer

Some lines about me

My name is Paula Olarte, I was born in Bogota. In Colombia I studied Industrial Design. Then I lived for a time in France where I did my Masters as a UX / UI Designer. For a year I lived and worked in Denmark, since 2013 I am at home in Germany. I love to explore different cultures from my perspective as a designer and I am always looking for new exciting challenges.

I do amazing things for clients

UX / UI Designer

My approach is based on the process of user-centered design UCD, wich means that the user requirements are considered right from the beginning and included into the whole product cycle. Tools like personas, scenario and user case are used in the analysis process of UCD. Other tools may be used in the process, and are selected according to the exposed problematic.

Web Designer

Having the technical and creative skills to develope and design your product, allows me to create a global concept that works to comunicate within your company and your clients, making the web a tool for increase the appealing and engage your clients.

Product Photographer

Professional photos have proven to be a perfect tool to support your ideas. These have a very positive visual impact on yur clients and help the users to take better decisions.

High quality UX/UI Design

The importance of making the connection between ux and ui allows us to create products that attract customers but at the same time motivate them to stay and interact with the product. As a result, users experience success in the interaction with the product but at the same time they want to continue interacting with it.

Clean Webdesign

Clean design means avoiding a cluttered design, through the selection of the content and graphic elements necessary and accurate to make the user experience more pleasant. It is important to prioritize the information that is crucial for the user without overwhelming him with elements that distract him from his initial objective.

Professional Photography

Stunning photography is really necessary when it comes to selling products. Potential buyers can decide when they see how great your product is.

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What my clients said
  • Paula is a true professional. I am very satisfied with her excellent performance in the context of the creation of my website. Competent and serious, I highly recommend her.-Chloe Grondin

  • The exhibition "Colors and Textures", expresses the musicality of art in all its splendor. Paula Olarte, has transmitted it through the creation of my website, she managed to highlight the paintings and the artist. Very good work!
    - Lorena Zolezzi, Plastic Artist

What I said
  • My job is to be proactive and offer a different approach to solve my clients problems.-Paula

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+49 17 69740 9924